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Castle Dairy® started in 1934 as a butter factory founded by private shareholders. At that time the company was called BHA Belgium, which was short for Beurrerie Herve Aubel the closest towns.

Over the years, the company started to specialize more and more in the dairy market. It's niche: milkpowders and butter. In the mid-90s, a new impetus is given with the acquisition by the Holding Peemex&Lambrecht, then integration into the dairy group Pajot Dairy.

Later on, with their home-office in Welkenraedt BHA started the cooperation with Castle Ingredients, who specializes in preparation and logistics for dried dairy, giving the opportunity to BHA to focus further on the development of new produces, and sales of spray dairy products for the food industry all around the world.

In February 2019 the Company Castle Dairy® was created to integrate the dairy knowledge and experience of BHA with the logistic network and sales force of Castle Ingredients.

In June 2019, a further integration will take place by concentrating all our activities like trading, producing, laboratory, R&D, marketing and logistics in our new 15.000 sqm warehouse and office in Hombourg.

There are no boundaries to what we can achieve together !

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