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Making an Order

Orders may be placed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week through our website www.castledairy.com or by faxing us at +32 (0) 87 352234. Customer service and order processing personnel are available between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Belgian time) Monday through Friday, and can be reached by calling at + 32 (0) 87 334519.

When making an order, please provide the following information:

  • Company and contact person names;
  • Telephone, e-mail address and fax number
  • The exact delivery address with the postcode (if you would like us to organize the transport by land) or the port of delivery (if you would like us to organize the sea freight);
  • Product name, type, and packaging;
  • Quantity per each product needed;
  • Desired pick-up / delivery date;
  • Incoterms.

Upon receiving your order a customer service representative will revert to you with its confirmation and further information within the shortest delays.

Please call + 32 (0) 87 334519, if you experience any difficulty in filling out this form.


If you would like us to organize the transport, the following items need to be specified at the time of order and may involve extra charges:

  • Specific delivery date and time;
  • Liftgate;
  • Pallet jack
  • Call first;
  • Driver notification of hand-unload;
  • Extra hose (bulk shipments).

A carrier with the best rate for the shipping destination will be assigned, unless otherwise indicated. Discount programs are established with numerous LTL (less than truckload) and LCL (less than container load) carriers.

Receiving Bagged Dairy Products

Before signing the shipment’s Bill of Lading, each bag and / or pallet must be inspected. Look for torn or broken bags and ensure every bag and pallet is accounted for. You can use as reference the pallet contents sheet attached to each pallet. The easiest way is to look over the products as they are being unloaded, but if more time is needed to double check, the driver must wait!

If any problems arise:

  • First, please note how many bags are missing or broken (or any other circumstances) on the Bill of Lading before signing it.

  • Call Castle Dairy® at + 32 (0) 87 334519 within 72 hours to report any issues. A freight claim may need to be filed on your behalf, and for this purpose the problem must be noted on the Bill of Lading. Please make sure any employees involved in unloading your order follow this procedure.

Dairy Products Storage

Castle Dairy® recommends the following :

  • to store the products under clean, cool <20°C, dry conditions (HR <65%)

  • not to expose the products to direct sunlights or strong odours

  • to avoid direct contact with walls and floors

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