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Preparation time : 40 minutes
Cook time : 12 minutes

Ingredients :
1 cup milk powder
2 tbsp diluted lime juice
1.5 cups sugar
4 cups water
1 cup sugar to make thick syrup after rosgollas have been prepared .
1/2 cup water to make thick syrup
Milk powder is used to make these yummy soft spongy rosgollas

Directions :
1. First make paneer from milk powder, after mixing the milk powder with hot water, stirring all the while to remove all lumps. Keep the milk consistency thick like whole milk.

2. Now boil this milk, when it comes to a boil, switch off gas, add lime juice till milk curdles completely.

3. Drain this in a colander with a thin clean cloth kept over the colander. Gather the cloth at the sides, and hand the bundle from a tap, or just wring it well, and keep over a colander or a sieve. After 30 minutes you will get nice soft chenna.

4. To make rasgollas, out of this chenna, first keep a vessel with sugar and water to boil well, meanwhile knead the chenna nicely without using too much pressure , rubbing along the surface , then gather and make a smooth dough ..or ball of paneer. Next gently make soft balls, and make them crack free, don't make tight balls .

5. After you finish making the balls, keep a cloth over it so that it doesn't dry out, when the sugar water has come to a roll boil, drop the prepared chenna balls into the mixture, keep the flame on high all the time .

6. Do not cover the vessel and occasional stirring of balls. After 8-10 minutes, you will see the balls have doubled in size, take out one and check if cooked.

7. In a prepared cool thick sugar syrup for further sweetening and for serving , this step can be avoided also . garnish if you like with saffron strands .

8. Serve chilled or warm.

Note: you can prepare a thicker sugar syrup after the rosgollas have been cooked in thin syrup to enhance the taste, this is optional. For this you need to prepare slightly thicker sticky syrup, keep it warm.

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